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Cloud Court Announces Alliance with Relativity: Armatus now Available on Relativity App Hub

Cloud Court has a strategic alliance with Relativity, the most popular eDiscovery solution on the market. Relativity has recently added Armatus to their App Hub. Armatus integrates readily with RelativityOne and Relativity Server 10.3+. The App Hub includes a plethora of solutions to help Relativity users solve data challenges.

Armatus automatically searches Relativity eDiscovery databases using transcribed speech from a deposition (or other search terms) in real time. Realtime search constitutes the difference between simply having the relevant documents and easily, immediately leveraging them when they're needed the most.

Armatus fits squarely in the App Hub category of Case Management, Trial Prep, and Post-Discovery tools. This category includes tools for exhibit management, document review, doc management, collaboration, privilege review and management; aptly, Armatus delivers realtime transcription, eDiscovery search, and team collaboration in depositions.

Attorneys who routinely multi-task between eDiscovery production, exhibits, and text messaging during depositions can enjoy having everything consolidated into one interface. Armatus is also uniquely equipped to handle realtime speech-to-text transcription with an unmatched degree of accuracy. No other solution combines search, transcription, and collaboration like Armatus.

Intended for Relativity users who want to extend the capabilities of their solution, the App Hub directory and the Armatus page are accessible to anyone. We look forward to serving customers who depend on Relativity.


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