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Testimony Intelligence for Law Firms

  • Have an omniscient view of testimony, witness behaviors, and attorney tactics

  • Achieve better outcomes in high volume, repetitive, business critical matters

  • Predict opponent questions and tactics to better prepare your witnesses

Attorneys leaving a client's office.

Meet Gibson.

Cloud Court’s AI-driven testimony intelligence software, Gibson, provides a borderline omniscient command of testimony as well as witness and attorney behavior.

Gibson ingests the raw deposition and trial transcripts (over one or many cases), hyper-organizes it, then uses it to arm litigators with a wealth of actionable data. Gibson reveals data hidden to humans and efficiently shares data across case teams to drive results.


Know players’ strengths and weaknesses. Gibson helps you “moneyball” litigation by analyzing the habits of opposing counsel and your own witnesses, helping your team deliver pitch-perfect answers to questions you knew to expect. 

Benefits for Law Firms

Arm Litigation Teams with Actionable Insights

Empower your litigation team with actionable insights based on objective analysis. Easily deduce answers to critical questions:

Which questions is adverse counsel most likely to ask? How well did deponents perform? How can we effectively prepare pending witnesses? What type of exhibits will be used?


Make Better Decisions

Use historical and current patterns in testimony data to make better-informed calls and validate recommendations from your outside attorneys.


Should we fight or settle? How much time and effort should we invest in a matter? What do we need to bring to settlement talks or SJ motions?

Communicate Better with Aligned Parties

Stop reading deposition transcripts. Collaborate more effectively with other aligned parties using a single interface into hyperorganized content.

Gibson customizable dashboards and reports enable all users to measure what matters. Index critical topics and metrics by witness or by deposition.


Use Cases

Large volume, business critical cases

Your client is party to a matter in the millions or billions of dollars. Counsel is requesting or anticipating dozens of depositions. 

Collaborate as a class member

Your client is one of many people or entities who are named in a significant matter. You and the other parties would benefit from sharing knowledge about past matters. 

Serial litigants

Your firm is party to recurring high-stakes litigation against the same powerful parties. You need to leverage the historical data - testimony, behaviors, and more - contained in prior depositions and trials. 

Conduct effective deposition training

Your firm has or wants to develop a deposition training program that includes objective metrics, transcript review, and refined question and objection tactics.

Mass torts

You're counsel in a class action or an antitrust matter. Sharing knowledge with other parties can make the difference between winning and winning big. 

Ready to learn more? 

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