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About Cloud Court


Optimize testimony to optimize results.

Cloud Court is a LegalTech software company that delivers solutions to help litigation teams optimize testimony to improve outcomes. Founded by litigators and in-house counsel, Cloud Court, Inc. is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our hosted solutions enable litigators to reduce the cost of testimony, better leverage data, and extract ROI from historical knowledge by "moneyballing" testimony.


Our mission is to leverage technology to help litigation teams win cases. We help our clients win difficult cases they could lose, and "jump ball" cases that could go either way. We also help our clients win the cases they should win, only earlier and on better terms. Our primary focus is on testimony, with an emphasis on deposition testimony.  

Why Depositions?

Depositions are the new trial.*
The conference room is the new courtroom.

Documents and facts shape a case. But human testimony, interpreting and providing context to those documents and facts, makes or breaks a case. The party that can tell the most compelling story by leveraging their case's assets and minimizing their liabilities is going to win.  


Why not focus on trial testimony? Trials are cool. They make whole movies about trials. No one makes movies about depositions. But it's unlikely that any witness – yours or your opponents' – is ever going to testify at trial. 98% of civil cases are settled or dropped before trial. That means you're only going to get one shot at taking down your opponent's witnesses. And you only get one shot at defending your own.


Therefore, for important cases, you need to prepare for your key depositions with the same care that you prepare for trial. You need to win before trial.  


  • Fact: skillfully taken and skillfully defended depositions win cases and drive early and favorable resolutions.

  • Fact: poorly taken and poorly defended depositions embolden adverse parties, prolong litigation, and lose cases.

  • Therefore, depositions are the focus of the technologies we develop.

*Jim Garrity, 10,000 Depositions Later podcast

Our values

Customer first

We are customer centric. Our sole mission is to make litigators’ lives easier through modern technology. We are a for profit company, but our customers come before profits. 


If you can remove steps, time, or cost without impacting results, do it. “Hit it with the simple stick.” – Steve Jobs 

Be bold 

Speak up, speak out, ask questions, set big audacious goals, take calculated risks. 

Relentless candor 

Say the uncomfortable thing now. Begin solving the issue as soon as you see it. This is our mantra. 

Value differences 

Diversity and compassion increase our creativity, strength, and resilience. We want you to be the best you.  

Evolve deliberately 

Experiment. Fail fast. Embrace change. Measure, learn, advance. Sense and respond. 


BigLaw Firm

I feel like we've just scratched the surface of what we can do using Testimony Intelligence.

We can't take the chance of missing potentially beneficial testimony, but we have finite time and resources to manually read and analyze hundreds of transcripts. Topic extraction is already a leap forward in accelerating this phase. It complements case synopses, and I can imagine using it to help us speed up depo designations.

Contact Us

Have a question? Ask us anything. If you like music, suggest an alternative playlist. 

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