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Testimony Intelligence

Improve outcomes and save time

Attorney ready to moneyball litigation

Moneyballing Litigation

  • Leverage historical and current testimony data

  • Predict adverse counsel strategy

  • Extract aggregate testimony on any topic in seconds

Litigation Associate, BigLaw Firm

"The best thing about Gibson is that I don't have to spend days or weeks Ctrl+Fing through hundreds of files and 20,000 pages of testimony."
"I would recommend Gibson anytime there's a large volume of testimony. It saves us time finding relevant content for motion practice or drafting trial examination outlines."

Meet Gibson.

Gibson is our peak AI-driven testimony intelligence solution. It empowers litigators to improve matter outcomes by analyzing testimony data to find advantages. ​Gibson takes written testimony from multiple sources and converts it into useful, actionable  reports that litigation teams want.

Imagine having a savant in every deposition who recalls every word, objection and type of objection, measures objective elements of one or many hearings, detects patterns or anomalies, and recalls them for you instantly.

Ask Gibson to review a hundred past transcripts or just one current hearing. Task Gibson to help a taking attorney to devise an effective questioning strategy or help a defending attorney better prepare a witness. Anticipate adverse strategies, identify your own strengths and weaknesses, and avoid landmines. 

What does Gibson do?

You've never looked at testimony like this before. Gibson helps you find prompt answers to urgent questions about testimony and strategy in high-stakes matters, such as:


  • How exactly did witnesses testify about a specific topic?

  • Which questions did taking counsel ask in previous depositions, and when?

  • Did defending counsel object frequently, and what kind of objections did they make?

  • How wordy were the responses that a witness gave in their last three depositions? 

Most importantly, Gibson can help you answer the most important questions about current and pending litigation, whether you're taking or defending a series of depositions. 

  • What tactics and evidence could we deploy in the next deposition we take? 

  • Which expert, damages, or 30(b)(6) witness will be most effective? 

  • What does counsel need to do to prepare better? What should our witness be conscious of, and what questioning tactics should they expect? 

  • Should we settle or should we fight?

in action

Multi District Litigation

A firm uses Gibson to analyze 200-plus historical deposition transcripts to find needle-in-the-haystack testimony on any topic. It then uses that information to de-silo information, craft witness outlines, draft better briefs with better evidence, identify adverse counsel's questioning strategy and witnesses’ strengths and weaknesses. The firm coordinates with other aligned parties and easily shares its findings. The entire class negotiates more favorable settlements on behalf of their clients.


In response to a major disaster, a large insurer captures and analyzes hundreds of EUOs to look for patterns and anomalies in testimony. They detect additional potentially fraudulent claims, investigate, and successfully prosecute several, recovering millions of dollars.

Public Entity 

A federal agency is repeatedly sued by a set of repeat plaintiffs. The agency's in-house team uses Gibson to examine adverse counsel strategies, evidence cited, and expert witness performance. They adjust their defense strategy, discover additional evidence, retain new experts, and achieve smaller settlements and more dismissals, saving the agency millions of dollars.


Industry giants battle with aligned plaintiffs. Litigators task Gibson to analyze more than 140 recent depositions taken by aligned counsel at numerous firms. Hyper-organizing tens of thousands of pages of testimony enables them to look for patterns and variations on numerous topics. They capitalize on damaging contradictions hidden in adverse witness testimony, ultimately resulting in more favorable resolution.

Pattern Litigation

A company responds to dozens of six- and seven-figure lawsuits every year. They collaborate with their outside counsel to extract insights from historical testimony to moneyball litigation, track serial plaintiffs, and develop profiles of attorneys and witnesses for better preparation and performance. The in-house team also uses historical reports to get up to speed fast.

Litigation Associate, BigLaw Firm

"This is going to simplify how we do litigation."
"The more we used the solution, the more ways we discovered we could tag and query the testimony and build useful taxonomies."

How does Gibson work?

Gibson workflow

Give Gibson your current and historical transcripts in common formats. Use the vanilla set of reports and visualizations, or ask Cloud Court to customize your views.


Gibson extracts relevant topics - keywords - and collects objective metrics on the critical elements of each deposition, then generates powerful reports and content drill-downs that reference specific content instances. 

Improve outcomes and save time.

  • Extract knowledge and actionable insights from prior testimony

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of current matters

  • Predict adverse deposition strategies and win more cases

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