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Testimony Intelligence

Optimize your testimony.

Optimize your results.

Your company - or your client - understands that better preparation for litigation drives faster resolutions and better outcomes. They're willing to invest in systems that make the team more effective.

But ordinary process-oriented solutions don't examine the testimony. More than ever, matters are won and lost in depositions. You need tools that can augment your team like an extra intelligence and deliver actionable insights that you can use right now.

Cloud Court's Testimony Intelligence platform goes beyond word indices, search tools, and highly subjective deposition summary memos. It helps corporate legal teams extract every iota of advantage from current and historical testimony. Don't keep your powder dry. Litigate like you mean it.

Litigate Like You Mean It.

Litigation can be a game of inches. Gain advantages that you can use to win more cases - or resolve matters on more favorable terms.

Testimony Intelligence squeezes more potency from current and historical testimony at multiple points in the litigation lifecycle.

Testimony Intelligence marketecture
Deposition Topic Timeline

Prepare Witnesses

Forewarned is forearmed. Analyze previous adverse counsel behaviors. Select the most effective 30(b)(6) and expert witnesses.

Deposition Word Cloud

Prepare Attorneys

Harden your deposition strategy. See and anticipate question and objection strategies. Easily find topic instances in context. 

Rig the shell game

Take Down Opponents

Anticipate adverse witness testimony. Analyze past transcripts and find discrepancies. Know which evidence they will cite. 

Base Module realtime deposition transcription

Use Streaming Realtime

Leverage streaming realtime transcription in every deposition, whether you're taking or defending. Never lose track of a key point. 

Completed Deposition Transcript ASCII format

Accelerate Transcripts

No more delays. Provide or receive a near-instant rough transcript that counsel can use for speedy review and settlement negotiations.

Deposition scorecard

Improve Performance

Analyze individual deposition transcripts to objectively measure attorney and witness performance and the true impact of the deposition.

Analyze and Prepare

Prepare to win - and resolve matters more favorably - by illuminating current and historical litigation with 360-degree views of witnesses, adverse counsel tactics, and related prior testimony.


Gibson is the most advanced module of our Testimony Intelligence platform. Litigation teams gain valuable insights into adverse deposition strategies in pattern litigation. Your team perfects their deposition prep and defense tactics, leading to faster resolutions with better terms.


This ultimately makes your company a less attractive litigation target and reduces the frequency of litigation.

Cloud Court Testimony Intelligence Marketecture

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Are you looking for instant access to testimony? Actionable insights for pattern litigation? Tell us what the challenge is. 

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