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Testimony Intelligence

Improve outcomes and save time with Gibson by Cloud Court

Moneyball your litigation practice with Gibson

Moneyball your litigation

Reduce your litigation risk. Measure attorney and witness behaviors. Predict adverse strategies and tactics. Choose your best-performing witnesses and prepare your team more effectively. 


average cost per civil deposition (time & expenses)


civil cases resolved before trial


# of depositions for a typical large civil case

Depositions are the new trial.*

Save time and resolve cases on better terms through more effective depositions.

  • Prepare for, take, and defend depositions more effectively

  • Extract knowledge and actionable insights from prior testimony

  • Improve outcomes and reduce litigation costs

Cloud Court's Testimony Intelligence platform enables you to derive actionable insights before, during, and after depositions. The platform includes powerful deposition analytics, realtime transcription, realtime collaboration, immediate rough transcripts, patent-pending eDiscovery search, and more.

*Jim Garrity, 10,000 Depositions Later podcast

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