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average cost per civil deposition (time & expenses)


civil cases resolved before trial


# of depositions for a typical large civil case

Depositions are the new trial.*

Resolve more cases on better terms through more effective depositions.

  • Prepare for, take, and defend depositions more effectively

  • Extract knowledge and actionable insights from prior testimony

  • Reduce litigation costs

Enjoy unprecedented access to realtime testimony via live feeds, rough transcripts, and downloadable audio. Advanced modules include a remote collaboration portal, patent-pending eDiscovery search tools, hyper-organized testimony intelligence, and predictive transcripts.

*Jim Garrity, 10,000 Depositions Later podcast

Improve outcomes and accelerate resolutions

  • Leverage the cumulative wealth of prior testimony related to the matter at hand

  • Develop actionable insights based on historical data

  • Prepare witnesses and counsel for optimal results in upcoming depositions

Defend witnesses and take down adversaries

  • Collaborate privately with colleagues during depositions without touching your phone

  • Point-and-click on witness testimony in real time to search eDiscovery and find documents outside your witness kit (or inside your witness kit)

Reduce testimony expenses

  • Augment traditional court reporters with

    • on demand, AI-driven realtime transcription feed

    • immediate rough transcript download

    • easy audio download

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How can Cloud Court Transform Depositions for You?


Accelerate resolutions and improve outcomes in pattern litigation.


Extract ROI from your sunk costs in depositions.

Transform idle transcripts into actionable insights.

Law Firms

Improve deposition performance with realtime feeds, immediate rough transcripts, downloadable audio, remote collaboration, and eDiscovery search.

Government Agencies

Access realtime transcription and immediate rough transcripts in every case. 

Facilitate electronic storage, organization, and search of public records.

Legal Services & Advisors

Improve the customer experience and lock in loyalty by expanding your clients’ capabilities and offering powerful integrated features.

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