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EDRM Forming Testimony Evidence Reference Model (TERM) Project

We're thrilled to share that EDRM has formed a project to develop and establish a new reference model focused on testimony. The reference model is called the Testimony Evidence Reference Model or TERM.

Why “TERM?” Legal proceedings hinge on two types of evidence: documentary and testimonial. While eDiscovery tools have revolutionized documentary evidence management, testimonial evidence still lacks a structured framework. That's where TERM comes in. The goal is to create a model akin to EDRM but tailored for managing deposition and trial data. Participants in the project will help to establish and articulate best practices, enhance efficiency, and maintain confidentiality in handling testimonial evidence.

Please visit the EDRM project site if you're interested in contributing or learning more.


To contribute to or participate in a project, send an email with your contact information and the name of the project to Info@EDRM.NET.


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