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Cloud Court Announces Strategic Partnership with Hire Counsel

Last Wednesday we announced our relationship with Hire Counsel, a national leader in legal staffing for eDiscovery, managed document review, and specialty legal projects. (Scroll down to get the press release.)

TL;DR: Cloud Court augments Hire Counsel’s deep pool of expertise for projects that require intensive time and resource demands. Gibson, our testimony intelligence solution, is an intuitive complement to the litigation process. Mutual clients will enjoy deeper insights into witness testimony, greater continuity throughout the litigation process, and cost savings in large scale matters.

When litigation teams have a large matter pending and they need to scale up their team, Hire Counsel delivers a timely and significant infusion of expert talent in case-critical areas. Today, eDiscovery and managed review teams are critical to obtaining favorable outcomes, which include identifying exhibits for witness testimony. Witness testimony is a distinct class of information containing a wealth of latent insights.

Presently, those latent insights in witness testimony are rarely leveraged by law firms and corporations at scale. Cloud Court analyzes historical testimony to accelerate knowledge transfer, improve witness preparation and deposition performance. A turbo-charged litigation team can use its new testimony intelligence to make another pass through discovery to seek out advantages or detect landmines based our AI-generated insights.

Our mutual clients will reap these key benefits:

  • Combined testimony intelligence with knowledge gained from the Hire Counsel Project Management team through the eDiscovery process offers greater continuity throughout the litigation process on matters that can span multiple years, jurisdictions, and outside counsel, such as antitrust, MDL, IP/patent litigation, and mass torts.

  • Corporations and counsel efficiently gain deeper insight from transcripts across related cases to improve witness preparation and deposition performance via an array of testimony knowledge that far exceeds what was previously available.

  • Corporations and law firms can create a repository of case testimony that is a hyper-organized database of testimony intelligence. This repository retains institutional knowledge allowing significant cost savings for onboarding of new attorneys, experts, or paralegals.

Imagine yourself moving forward confidently with ready access to expert project teams using best-in-class litigation technology and AI-driven testimony intelligence.


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