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Cloud Court Releases Armatus, SaaS Product Unifies Realtime Transcription, Search, and Collaboration

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

The Cloud Court team is happy to announce the release of Armatus. Our flagship product is the result of countless hours of discussions with attorneys, development, and testing.

Attorneys can take or defend effective depositions using just one interface that combines AI-augmented realtime transcription, with the ability to search, review and share and eDiscovery productions, all while collaborating with team members not in the room.

What's special about it? It's the first solution of its kind. You can literally search against a witness' words while they're speaking.

We listened to our colleagues who had universal, pervasive challenges when taking depositions.

  • The deposition is time constrained, yet it's where you can make the biggest impact on your cases

  • It's difficult to search and find important documents while a deponent is speaking

  • Realtime transcription is expensive, but without it you have to rely on your notes and memory until the certified transcript is available (weeks later, unless you pay to expedite it)

  • Realtime transcription is a scarce certification, especially where you’re looking for a court reporter with subject matter specialization (medical, pharma, IP).

  • Many clients don’t allow multiple attorneys to travel to a remote deposition, despite the real advantages. Collaboration with an in-person or remote team during the depo can require multi-tasking that distracts you from your primary purpose

  • Corporate and 30(b)(6) witnesses make mistakes. It can be extremely difficult to claw back bad testimony during the depo.

And there are many more common obstacles. We built Armatus to solve these challenges.

Visit the Armatus page to learn more. While you're there, get the brochure and check out the white paper: Litigate Like You Mean It: How Next Generation Deposition Tech Delivers Superior Outcomes.

Dr. Milena Higgins, CTO, talks about why we created Armatus and some of the common scenarios where having a unified interface like this can make the difference between winning or losing a case, or winning and winning big.

Here's the press release.

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