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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the free 30-day trial of Cloud Court's Base Module

Can I get other people at my company or firm to sign up?

Yes. Everyone who wants to view the realtime streaming and/or use the Collaboration module must be a registered user. Anyone can sign up for the free trial or subscribe. 

Does this replace court reporters? Should I cancel our scheduled court reporter?

No. The app augments court reporters through automatic realtime streaming transcription, rough transcripts within minutes, and audio files on demand if desired. Most court reporters find it a hassle or stressful to provide realtime streaming services. They are not required to share their personal audio backups, by law. 

How many depositions can I transcribe?

How many depositions can you do in a month?

We based our subscription pricing on an average per month. Some users will do more, some will do less. 

Can I share the login, like other people share their streaming services?

No. The platform sends all notifications to your email and sharing this creates a hazardous exposure for your deposition data. It could also invite hacking attempts due to password exposure.

How many hours are we really talking about?

A typical duration of an all-day deposition is seven hours. Remember to hit the "pause" button and "End Deposition" or you won't get a transcript or a recording.

Why should I subscribe to the Cloud Court app? Can’t I just keep signing up for Free Trials?

You should subscribe for many reasons.

  • Each user is limited to one free trial.

  • Your files will become unavailable after 30 days. 

  • As long as you remain a subscriber, you can centrally store and manage all your transcripts and audio

  • If you upgrade to Collaboration, you (or your customers) can chat and share files with remote colleagues who are also listening and observing the transcription.

  • It's awesome software that will probably pay for itself the first time you use it!

Do I need to submit any payment information? Will I or my client be billed?

You will not be billed unless you choose to subscribe. You agree to receive information from us related to the software as well as occasional updates and news. We’ll follow up with you when it’s over to ask about your experience and whether you want to subscribe. 

If you have remote participants who want to observe the streaming transcription, they must register for the free trial of the app and they will be given the option to subscribe. 

How long can I leave my recordings and transcript files on the server?

We will warehouse your files for the duration of the trial. You can access them and upgrade to a Base Module subscription until that point. After that, we automatically turn off access and either delete them or archive them for testing purposes.

Can I do a test or a mock deposition for my client and not have it count against the free 30 days?

Nope, that’s what a free trial is for. Contact us if you want to demo the software internally. If you want to just test the app, launch your scheduled depo but do not push the “Start” button. Run the Sound Test instead. You should see your speech being captured by the engine.

Can I run two depositions at once?

No. The Base Module only supports one deposition per individual user at a time. We've priced individual user subscriptions so low that adding another user is a no-brainer.

How do I get started?

First, register for the free trial. Then follow the instructions in your setup email and Quick Start guides.


Once you have a working login you should be able to set up your first deposition within five minutes or less and begin streaming and recording immediately.

Get started today. Register for your free 30-day trial. 

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