Testimony Intelligence
Quiz Results

If you scored 0 to 8 points


Your testimony intelligence is ready for lessons on how to stand erect and use tools. The only direction to go is up. Start by ordering realtime transcription, downloadable rough transcripts, and downloadable audio for every deposition. The Cloud Court Base module gives you these lever-and-fulcrum tools at a fixed rate. If your attorneys don’t already collaborate in real time, look for collaboration tools that will allow them to ping remote colleagues privately during depos. Our Collaborate module even lets you send attachments. Remember, it’s not the strongest of the species that survives, it is the one most adaptable to change.


If you scored 9 to 16 points


Congratulations, you’re squarely in the average category. But average doesn’t qualify you for the Olympics, and your opponents aren’t sitting still. If you’re methodically analyzing and tracking data from depositions and building up informal knowledge about your opponents, you could also be gaining competitive advantage and cost savings by using our Base module for transcription and collaboration. You’re probably missing opportunities to improve outcomes. You can do this by formalizing and standardizing the testimony lifecycle so that you can automatically capture and share knowledge about adverse counsel and witnesses. Cloud Court enables these capabilities with the Insight module. And we have Olympic mathletes on our team. (Math Olympics, 8th grade.)


If you scored 17 to 24 points


Wait, seriously? Whoa. Your team has built a substantial methodology for collaboration and leveraging testimony for recurring matters. You should be proud of your 99th-percentile ability to foresee the opposition’s moves in depositions. Even if you scored a perfect 24 (this quiz is giving you side eye), are you deriving all the potential advantages you can from your previously idle archive of testimony? What if you could see how all your 30(b)(6) witnesses have answered questions on similar topics in the past? Imagine if you knew not only which exhibits your opponent was going to use, but also how and when they would deploy them, based on previous testimony? We recommend exploring the complete Testimony Intelligence platform for maximum advantage and ROI. NOTE: If you can do all of this today, please send us a resume, we would love to have you on our design team.