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Gain insights into adverse deposition strategies, predict future questions, and suggest model responses. 


Prepare witnesses and attorneys more effectively and illuminate the landscape of upcoming depositions with 360-degree views of witnesses, adverse counsel tactics, and related testimony.

Collaborate Search

Defend witnesses and take down adversaries. Collaborate with remote colleagues in real time and search eDiscovery during depositions.

Find critical documents based on realtime testimony. Use data from your search results and from your colleagues to refine your line of questioning and weaken the adversary’s position, or rehabilitate your own witness.

Transcribe Listen

Reduce the expense of capturing testimony and get it in real time, every time.


Augment traditional court reporters with on-demand, AI-driven realtime transcription feeds. Get a rough transcript within minutes after a depo. Also get downloadable audio.  

The Testimony Intelligence Platform

Optimize your testimony.

Optimize your results.

Get Started

Litigate Like You Mean It.

How Does It Work?

Improve outcomes and accelerate resolutions

  • Leverage the cumulative wealth of prior testimony related to the matter at hand

  • Develop actionable insights based on historical data

  • Prepare witnesses and counsel for optimal results in upcoming depositions

Defend witnesses and take down adversaries

  • Collaborate privately with colleagues during depositions without touching your phone

  • Point-and-click on witness testimony in real time to search eDiscovery and find documents outside your witness kit (or inside your witness kit)

Reduce testimony expenses

  • Augment traditional court reporters with

    • on demand, AI-driven realtime transcription feed

    • immediate rough transcript download

    • easy audio download

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Transcribe, Listen

Want to know an inside secret? Most court reporters don't like providing realtime transcription. It's difficult and stressful, a fact reflected in its pricing.

But attorneys would love to use realtime, every time.

With Cloud Court you get realtime transcription, same-day rough transcripts to help prep for tomorrow's deposition, and downloadable audio.


Skip the transcription "tax" when you're the non-noticing party. Most of the time, the rough transcript is sufficient.

Download the Base module brochure


Try realtime transcription for free

Test out the Cloud Court app for 30 days, no obligation. No credit card required.


Transcribe as many depositions as you want, access rough transcripts and audio in 30 minutes or less.

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General Counsel

Cybersecurity Firm

Dang, I wish I'd had software like this back when I was litigating. I remember scrambling through boxes for the folder with the right exhibit, trying to remember which one contradicted the wild thing the deponent just said. I imagine everyone will have this soon. Until then, it seems like quite an edge for the early adopters!

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