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Gibson™ Testimony Intelligence

New User How Tos


If you are new to Power BI, we recommend this video: How to Use and Navigate a Power BI Report by B.I Joe


Below you'll find some additional content from Microsoft:

  • Introductory Power BI service video (play top video)

  • Written guide with screenshots on viewing content in Power BI

Additional Views


To view any visualization in full screen mode, hover near the top right of the visualization, then select Focus Mode

Technical Notes


Topics with topic extraction score < 0.3 have been filtered out. To change this threshold, please see the Filters pane or contact Support at Cloud Court.


Some topics have been excluded as noise topics. See the Filters pane to see the list of excluded topics or to make temporary changes to this list. To permanently change the list of excluded topics, please contact Support at Cloud Court.


*Page numbers are approximate and can be off by one or two pages (typically the true page will be further down in the transcript). This will be fixed in a future release.

Table View


To view the data used in the visualization, select More options > Show as a Table

Frequently Asked Questions


Base Module

Quick Start Guide - PDF

Quick Start Guide - video

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