Change the Transcription Game

  • See accurate realtime transcriptions during a deposition or meeting

  • Centrally manage your audio, transcripts and exhibits

  • Avoid the high cost of court reporters with a flat fee

Depo (BETA) is an AI-driven application that combines realtime transcription and file management for your depositions or examinations under oath. It enables litigators and other users to avoid the high cost of court reporters while accurately capturing testimony or interviews via audio and speech-to-text transcription.


Depo uses the most accurate speech-to-text technology on the market to capture speech in real time. This speech recognition is the product of advanced neural network models and millions of hours of training data.

How It Works


Questions and witness testimony are captured via microphone. Depo instantly converts audio into text and displays the realtime transcript to all participants.

After a deposition, download the rough transcript within minutes. Choose to use the rough transcript or request a final version to be delivered within five days.

Users can centrally manage recordings and transcripts by case, along with digitial exhibits. For a flat fee, they can record and automatically transcribe virtually unlimited depositions and obtain highly accurate (95% or better) rough transcripts within hours.

Change the Transcription Game

  • Avoid the high cost of court reporters and get highly accurate transcripts (95%) within 24 hours for a flat fee, regardless of length

  • View real-time transcription during the deposition and capture audio (useful for settlement negotiations)

  • Upload case-specific dictionaries to enhance transcription accuracy