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Calm Sea

Realtime Streaming without the Hassle

No equipment or software needed.

Grow your revenue.

Delight your customers.

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Delight your customers

Easy realtime streaming
Accelerated transcript delivery
Available Collaboration module

Realtime every time

Offer attorneys realtime streaming without setup equipment or software

Accelerate delivery

Get immediate rough transcripts you can edit for final or give to customers

Drive customer loyalty 

Delight them with near-instant roughs and web-based streaming

Offer additional services

Allow registered participants to chat or share files through the app

Participants see realtime streaming speech. They can scroll up or down and select text. 

Cloud Court's Base Module captures and streams realtime speech with 95% or greater accuracy.

Within about five minutes, the app generates a rough transcript in ASCII TXT format, diarized by Speaker 0, Speaker 1, and so forth. 

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Get a Free 
30 Day Trial

Try the Cloud Court App Base Module

Realtime Streaming Transcription, Rough Transcripts, Audio

Instantly set up and transcribe all-day depositions. Download the rough and share audio immediately after the deposition concludes. No strings attached. We want to make it as painless as possible for you to try the platform.


Enable Remote Collaboration 

Attorneys and registered remote colleagues can chat and share files while viewing the streaming transcription. 


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