Depositions are the new trial.* 
The conference room is the new courtroom.
You get one shot to examine your witness.

Litigate like you mean it. 

*Jim Garrity, 10,000 Depositions Later podcast

Testimony Intelligence

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The Cloud Court Platform enables clients and law firms to immediately realize ROI in cost savings and efficiency. Optimize your testimony to optimize your results.


Cloud Court Standard includes a realtime transcription feed, immediate rough transcripts, option to delay the decision to order an official transcript, and audio file download. For a fixed monthly fee, get rough transcripts immediately, and decide later if you need an official transcript – or skip ordering a final version altogether.

Advanced modules allow counsel to collaborate with remote colleagues, search eDiscovery in real time, prepare more effectively for depositions, predict adverse questions and model responses. 

Optimize your testimony. Optimize your results.