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Litigate Like You Mean It

  • Dominate in depositions

  • Collaborate with remote colleagues

  • Leverage eDiscovery data by finding the most relevant facts quickly

  • Improve outcomes and accelerate resolution

The Armatus™module enhances the Cloud Court platform with remote collaboration and the legal industry's first and only solution for automated search of eDiscovery.

Together, Cloud Court Standard and Armatus enable litigators to master the deposition lifecycle, from witness preparation to the deposition itself to post-deposition analysis. Cloud Court helps you take down — or defend and rehabilitate — your witness.

The patent-pending solution marries AI-driven speech-to-text transcription with eDiscovery search technologies. Identify documents related to what your witness is saying, while they’re saying it. 

Armatus allows colleagues to remotely (and silently) participate in depositions, sharing their expertise with the deposing attorney in real time.

How It Works


Attorney questions and witness testimony are captured during the deposition. Cloud Court Standard displays the realtime transcript to all participants.


Individuals with access rights can highlight any transcript content, also in real time, to trigger an instant search of an eDiscovery database.

Remote counsel and experts can chat inconscpicuously via text in real time.


Litigate Like You Mean It


  • Augment your ability to search eDiscovery and view documents instantly

  • Leverage your entire litigation team with realtime collaboration, without alerting your opposition

  • Find critical documents and tailor your questions for maximum impact during the deposition

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